Buyer's Team

It takes a team to buy a home; which is a great thing right?  You do not have to go into your home purchase alone.  You can rely on professionals to help you along the way and address all of your questions, comments, concerns and emotion outbursts ;) 

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It may sound 'self-serving' given that you are on real estate agents' webpage, but it really is not meant to be.  Your real estate agent is your quarterback and used as the primary point of contact for all of the spokes in the home buying wheel.  Your Echo real estate agent will communicate with the Seller's Agent and be YOUR advocate. 


This person is with the mortgage company and the person in charge of walking you through the loan process.  They interact with the underwriters and loan processors.


The loan company will request an appraisal on your home to ensure that the vale of your home is on par with the amount of loan (mortgage) being prepared for you.


Inspectors perform a thorough inspection of the home and provide a report to you, the buyer, with a list of items that may need attention on the home.  This report is commonly used in negotition between buyer and seller. 

Insurance Agent

You must have your home insured at all times.  An insurance agent or broker will help you secure the appropriate policy for your property.


Title Company

A title company will validate the legitimacy of the tile and then issues title insurance for your property. Title insurance protects the lender and/or owner against lawsuits or claims against the property that result from disputes over the title.


Dependent on your preferences, location and condition of the home you may need a cleaning service, lawn service, pool company, alarm company, etc.  S




If you are a 'do it yourselfer,' then you may not need a mover.  However, many buyers will hire a moving company to facilitate the move into their new home.