Home Buying 

Over the past several decades, home ownership in the United States has fluctuated between 60%-70%.  Now while over half of the populous owns a home, this does not mean you will be purchasing a home with regularity.  In other words, you may have forgotten the process if you are a second-time, third-time, etc home buyer.   

If this is your first time buying a home, then some of this information may be new to you...which is completely okay.  This is why we at Echo invest a great deal of time guiding your through the process.  We want you to be well informed and provide a clear road map to home ownership. 

The process is essentially the same from state to state.  So while much of our inventory is in Texas, around the DFW Metroplex area, the overall concept and guide is applicable across state lines.  


Tax Benefits Anyone? 

Have you considered running some simple numbers to see how homeownership would affect your taxes?

Tax Benefits Calculator by MortgageLoan.com

To Rent or to Buy? 

Have you ever wondered what a direct comparison between renting and purchasing a home would look like?

Rent vs. Buy Calculator by MortgageLoan.com